Thursday, December 3, 2009

Greene Laundry

Mr. Greene get out of my clothes!
You're squashing my blouses,
And shredding the bows.
You're drooling on hats,
And shedding on jeans.
I swear you are the messiest cat,
I have EVER seen.

Mr. Greene, you know the rules.
No snuggling in my jammies,
No settling in my socks,
Or cuddling in my hankies,
Or hiding in my frocks.

Mr. Greene, I'm begging you,
Please exit our laundry hamper,
I've so much to do,
Between you and Lou,
And all the others I need to pamper.

But Mr. Greene, you are the king,
Boss of the house,
And every living thing.
So, if you want to stay,
I suppose it will be okay
And the clothes will wait
For another day.